Leaders for Global Assemblies

Right now, everyone, everywhere is feeling the effects of the pandemic, climate chaos, and ecological breakdown, but its impacts are being felt disproportionately by those with the least agency and resources to ensure their voices are heard.

With a shared concern for the emerging crises facing humanity, and convened by HRH Prince of Wales, the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) set out a detailed recovery plan to rebuild sustainable societies and economies to help us navigate our way out of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is called The Great Reset.

Sounds great.  So what’s the problem?

Leaders for Global Assemblies are questioning the legitimacy of The Great Reset.  While well intentioned, it lacks a democratic mandate by setting a course for all of humanity, when not all voices have been heard.

Along with this crisis of governance, the global political economy is underwritten by a system that incentivises growth, extraction, and consumption. Business as usual is driving the destruction of the Earth’s life support systems.

Together, these are the barriers to swift and decisive action on climate and ecological breakdown and social justice.

Leaders for Global Assemblies are advocating for all our voices to be heard.

In an Open Letter to the World Economic Forum, business leaders, and other leaders in their fields, are calling for WEF to champion this approach and support this Global Assembly as a vehicle for true global representation, to enable synchronous action for a fair, ethical and regenerative ‘reset’ across national boundaries.

What is a Global Assembly?

A Global Assembly draws moral authority by making sure representatives of everyone, everywhere are heard.  Anyone on earth can be selected to take part through sortition, so that the Global Assembly represents a snapshot of the world’s population across gender, age, economic background and geography.  Participants deliberate on important issues while hearing from experts, as well as people’s lived experience, to seek solutions that are fair and effective.

Global Assemblies keep deliberative democracy at the heart of decision-making that will affect everyone, everywhere

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